Hypoline™ Hypoaspis miles Fungus Gnat Control
25,000 Loose Larvae per Tube
Hypoaspis miles attacks and kills the larvae of sciurid flies and will also consume thrips larvae that drop to the growing medium to pupate, making it a useful addition to other Western Flower Thrips control products. Also attacks and kills larvae of Fungus Gnats, but not eggs or pupae. Up to eight, first instar larvae may be attacked and consumed each day by adult Hypoaspis. Normally found within the top half inch of soil / growing media, females lay eggs which hatch after six days. The larvae activity feed for 10 days and continue to feed as an adult. Adults live for several months when food is readily available. feeding on a wide range of soil / growing media pests.

  • Active Ingredient: Hypoaspis miles
  • Rate: Covers up to 1,000sq ft
  • Controls: Fungus Gnat, Shore Fly and Thrips pupae.
  • Controls: Fungus Gnat, Shore Fly and Thrips pupae.

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