Trichogramma are minute (< 1 mm) parasitic wasps. The female lays its eggs in the eggs of the pests, destroying them and preventing the emergence of caterpillars. Although Tricholine TA was first discovered as a product for controlling Tuta absoluta on Tomatoes, it’s now known to control a broad range of lepidopteran pests including Duponchelia spp., Chrysodeixis spp. and Heliothis spp. It can also be used in a wide range of crops including tomato, bell peppers, aubergines, ornamentals, tobacco and even bananas.

Key Features

  • Maximum efficiency in preventing damage: pests do not emerge from parasitised eggs
  • Improved production yield.
  • Labour-saving in tomatoes: no need for manual sorting of the vines.
  • Convenient: patented distributors made of biodegradable card to be hung from the plants.
  • Bespoke & flexible doses: doses suited to all surface areas from 2500 m2.
  • 100% natural with 0 residues.
  • Provides tool for resistance management.
  • Easy to adopt in IPM strategy.
  • High quality product based on more than 25 years of expertise.

Main uses

  • Tuta absoluta
  • Duponchelia spp.
  • Chrysodeixis spp.
  • Heliothis spp.

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